After smoking for many years it can be very hard to stop, the main reason being nicotine, vaping offers a great start on your road to success when it comes to quitting smoking. Many juices contain varying amounts of nicotine, meaning at first it resists the temptation to light up a cigarette. After a while, the temptation may subside and it is all about flavours! Although the tobacco juice may be a good first choice, many discover that they’d rather breathe in nicotine free donuts or custard vapors. This is the beauty with thousands of juices and flavors to choose from!

Baron’s Choice

Do you like Cheesecake, this range is for you! Whether its key lime, vanilla or raspberry, Baron’s Choice rock the Cheesecake juices!


Vapetasia has a wide range of fantastic tasting juices. Some of the most popular enjoy the various lemonades, parfaits and the pineapple express. Embrace the fruity flavours with vapetasia!


It is exactly what it says on the tin, remember the days of rice pudding or cornflakes tart at school? Re-live your childhood’s favourite flavours by testing the Dinner ladies fabulous range!

Cloud Island

Sweets, pies, cookies, doughnuts, these guys have a huge range of awesome juices from our sweet favourites, no need to rot your teeth anymore!

Snake Oil

The mellow taste and citrus twang of snake oil juices are all courtesy of their careful production method. Perfect for coolness and freshness when vaping.

Okami Brand

Unusual sweets and bubblegum along with coffee and mocha might be something different, but nice, to try with these guys.


And Many More!

We also stock Vk, Gloucester Gloup, Dead President, Bomb Pop, Waffle cone, Anon and Decadence, amongst some others. Pop into the shop to vape, enjoy a premium coffee and see our full range.