Established in 2015, Seax Vapourium has created a community of vapers in and around Saxmundham. Having a huge passion for vaping, Seax Vapourium allows people to immerse in their hobby or take it up as a new hobby steering away from smoking.

Owner – Daniel Rourke

“I’ve turned my hobby into my work, that’s a dream come true for anybody!”

After smoking for over 20 years, Danny tried various methods to stop him smoking including tablets, patches and therapy. However, once he stumbled upon the E-Cigarette his life change forever! Starting off in the days where small vape pens were the norm, Danny quickly followed the trends by upgrading to bigger, more powerful vaporizers. After meeting people who had a similar passion, vaping soon turned into a hobby of Danny’s. Having a personal experience of how vaping changed his life, Danny soon realized that he could turn his passion into his own business sharing his expertise with others. He started Seax Vapourium shortly after with Phil Joyce and now Danny enjoys working with his team to provide the best vaping experience in the local area.